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Bitcoin Accepted Online Pokies and Slot Casinos

Bitcoin Online Pokies and Slots Casino Information

Bitcoins are a unique form of holding money albeit in a non-tangible form. It’s a digital currency of sorts, created and held in cyberspace. When sending or receiving it’s more or less an instant process, with low transaction fees unlike other platforms like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller who charge high fees and apply unfriendly exchange rates on any currency cross conversions, thus making Bitcoin the perfect banking platform for online pokies casino players.

Like many online casinos some are legit and some are dodgy, Bitcoin casinos are no different and many are opening on a weekly basis so be warned as many may just be operating from a backyard shed.
The best Bitcoin pokies casino operator that we have reviewed and played at is listed below; they are duly licensed, with great bonuses, positive player reviews (means they are winning here), fast pay-outs and offer all the best pokies from Microgaming, Net Ent and PlaynGo. Bitcasino also has a sportsbook and live casino games available for punters, Aristocrat and IGT Bitcoin casino games are not available just yet.

Bitcoin pokies casino bonus

Top 5 Reasons to use Bitcoin at Online Pokies Slot Casinos

  • It’s so dam quick and easy!
    Regular banks and funds transfer companies make you complete many checks and security tasks to open an account as they are held accountable to bureaucracy. But with Bitcoin, you can set up an address in just a few heart beats, no questions are asked, plus the best news is no fees are applied. If you can send an email you can use Bitcoin, so easy!
  • It’s pseudonymous
    It’s not a true anonymous service but it’s as good as it gets at the moment for players wanting to visit and play at online casinos without to much attention being drawn to their activity’s from the likes of governments or maybe the wife finding out!
  • Transaction costs are tiny
    With regular online purchases your bank may charge you a $20 – $30 for a wire transfer or you may lose 3% when using a credit card or web wallet, plus other “international fees” may apply when banking at online casinos but a Bitcoin there is usually no fees applicable for most transactions.
  • Your account can never be frozen
    Unlike web wallets who like to make life complicated your money and account can never be blocked or suspended.
  • They aren’t making anymore Bitcoins! My dad once told me, you know son they aren’t making any more land, so you should go buy some! And just like the Bitcoin protocol, aka the terms that allow Bitcoin to function, allows only 21 million Bitcoins in circulation. So they will always maintain a decent value. NB – these coins can be divided into smaller parts right down to eight decimal places, so you can have the equalivant of just about 1 cent in Bitcoin value or just $50 if you want.

Where are Bitcoin Accepted Online Casinos headed?

Many pundits claimed Bitcoin would just fade away like a one hit wonder song from the eighties, but guess what? It has actually flourished and it’s steady as it goes for its continued use and acceptance worldwide. It rocks the boat for many companies “middle men” who make money “a cut” from the normal ways of currency exchange between buyers and sellers and this is why they just don’t like it.

The Aussie government classifies Bitcoin as a type of “property” and as such purchases made with Bitcoin are classed as Barter so if you send someone Bitcoin for a service or goods purchase they by law should declare the income if applicable. Many countries now allow its use and have given up in trying stopping something that is evolving into an alternate form of currency, just on that you can never actually feel in your hands!

They are also known as a crypto currency in many circles. They do not have a physical presence in any way so they aren’t printed like a regular banknotes that you can stuff into your wallet or feed into the pokies machines at your local Aussie club.

Bitcoin use Online Pokies Summary

Bitcoins are used to purchase goods, services and play online casino slots securely, plus they are pseudonymous so those sneaky governments can’t follow you around the web like a puppy dog, which is something that big brother does not like about Bitcoins use. You can feel safe holding this currency as it is not controlled by any banks, governments or financial bodies. The owners of the currency control it, how’s that for a change! Although some price fluctuations can see your value roller coaster a tad, during 2015 values ranged from about USD $220 to USD $290.

A Japanese software engineer called Satoshi Nakamoto initially came up with the idea of Bitcoin in 1998, during 1999 the open source platform, aka the brains behind the way it works was openly available. So thanks to Satoshi you can use Bitcoin to play the pokies online!

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