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Responsible Gambling

If you choose to gamble you must do it with your head in gear, as they say bet with your head and not over it.

Gambling is a risky thing to do, no matter what you bet on, be it the horses, the lotto, the footy or playing the slot machines you should always do it with clear rules of engagement in-place.

Gambling should be thought of as a type of entertainment and it should not be considered a way of earning a living or making money.

Being a responsible gambler

You should place limits and budget for what you allow yourself to lose over a set amount of time.

You should place time limits on how long you allow yourself to partake in a gambling session.

Always use the tools online casinos and betting shops offer and set betting limits, deposit limits and time-out exclusions to keep yourself on the responsible gambling path.

Do not ever increase your bets in an effort to recover your losses as this usually leads to just bigger problems.

The money you use for gambling should be what you have available for entertainment and these funds should not be taken from money that is reserved for important bills and other essential items.

Do not ever believe any of the BS ads that casinos and betting shops use to get you on the hook. All the highly paid Hollywood actors and flashy casino ads are paid for by their customers losses.

Don’t think for a minute the betting shops are giving you the tools to win money from them, it’s just a façade they use to fleece their customers.

Gambling operators due to pressure from governments and social groups now portray themselves as good citizens “protecting players from harm” but sadly it’s just a marketing ploy and duly required for regulatory compliance.

Always bet within your limits and don’t let gambling affect your life in any way that’s negative.


If you are a responsible gambler at all times you actually stand a chance of walking away a winner, choose not to be a responsible gambler and you will always be a loser.

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